Business Users

Why PC Knight?

Time is money and if IT systems aren't working properly money is being lost!

We make sure that your systems are running optimally. We're so confident about our service that once we've configured/optimised them, you'll find there's no need to worry about your systems and just book us in for a routine health check.

Back-ups / data recovery

How do you back up files? We can set up an automated back up so you can just relax. If anything does go wrong your systems will be backed up and we can recover your files and get you back up and running quickly.

Email configuration

Just starting up? if you have a website you can have a professional email. We configure your emails to your website domain name. @hotmail/gmail shouldn't be what your customer sees.

Personalised profiles

Do you want to set specific permissions for different employees? We can restrict or give access to specific employees so you can have documents stored in a central place and grant access to the employees you want to give access to.


We setup and network for small and medium offices. So all your devices; laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, routers and network storage devices can talk to each other. You don't have to worry about which computer you work on, you can have access where you need it.


What happens if your computer/laptop/phone is stolen? Is the information on these devices company information? phone numbers, email addresses, company documents. We can set up security on all of these so that you can locate them if misplaced/stolen.


What do we mean? well everything is becoming cloud based and this includes servers. So what it means is that there is no need for expensive hardware costs and management of these. We are qualified in VMWare and can store your servers virtually saving you money.

How we can help?

With our flexible support packages, we offer remote/on-site support, common areas we can help you with:

Ongoing support

We offer ongoing support so that you can have peace of mind with regular maintenance and health checks on your system.

Our business prices

We can provide a fixed price quote or you can take advantage of our support packages which are valid for 24 months and include email, remote and onsite support.